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New Kind Of Man

(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob, JT)

Step into my mind

Leave it all behind

Help me with my fall

You said you had it all

Anesthetize my brain

I won't feel the pain

Tell you who I am

I'm a new kind of man

Rattle all my chains

Driving me insane

With you I always lose

You'll see me on the news

Pick me up on the down

Turn my life around

Freedom or be damned

I'm a new kind of man

Dig into my heart

Tear it all apart

Sin will have it's due

I finally made the news

Anesthetize my brain

I won't feel the pain

Tell you who I am

I'm a new kind of man

Taste Of Tomorrow

(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob)


Is the start of the flame


Becomes her new name

I don't know

If I'll ever survive

She consumes me

Yeah, she eats me alive


Take what I can

And run for my life

She sharpens her blade

The tip of her tongue is her knife


When time stands still - The fire burns

She shoots to kill - My time I borrow

The past is now - The future behind

On her lips she wears - A taste of tomorrow


The trembling inside 

I go crazy

With nowhere to hide


I take a turn for the worse

She tells me

It's the best way to burn

(Bridge - Chorus)

She's the hunter

The spark of the flame

She's passion

She's pleasure and pain


I take a turn for the worse

She tells me

It's the best way to burn

Days Of The Weak

(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob)

Monday morning

You can feel it coming down

It's the start of a brand new day

And you've already hit the ground

You shade your eyes

Turn your back against the wind

Start yourself down that lonely path

No, you'll never be back again


These are the days of the weak

Tuesday evening

But it feels like several days

You're turning down the lights

Gonna sleep your life away

The night's your refuge

Live your life throughout your dreams

But Wednesday morning

Gonna be bring reality


Thursday left you

So far behind

It's the start of a brand new day

And you've already lost your mind

You made the weekend

Looking forward to your plans

Don't get too excited

It'll soon be Monday again


(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob)

How do you sleep at night

How can you hold your head up high

Knowing you tore my heart out

Was he worth my pain

I'm trying not to complain

Tell me is this what I get

How soon do you figure I'll forget

I'm trying not to shout

But the memory remains

You won't hear me complain


I know I'll soon be over you

I know I'll find somebody, too

I know...

Can he take your tears away

Will he be there on your darkest day

The way I used to be

I'm filling up with a pain

You won't hear me complain

You left me in the dark

Pulled the trigger - shot me in my heart

You left me there to bleed

And when he does the same

I won't hear you complain

Night Falls Fast

(Music: Marti, Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob)

Face to face - the end is near

Take your place - but do not fear

Those with ears - let him hear


The Son is rising - the Lion not the Lamb

Every knee shall bow - to the great I AM

Every tongue confess - He's the Son of Man


The stars are falling and the moon is dark

Don't know where to hide

(where to hide)

The clock is ticking - will you take the mark

From the Anti-Christ


You missed salvation when the gift was free

Now the die is cast

(Die is cast)

You try to run and you try to hide

Now you have to die

Now that the night falls fast

Can't Forgive What  I Can't Forget

(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob)

A crown of thorns around your head

Drops of blood pouring out like sweat


Your heart breaks because of me

Grace and mercy don't come free



You took away my sin

And now you live within

And yet

I can't forgive what I can't forget

Hours of darkness for a sinner's plight

My sin is a sword piercing deep in your side


Signs of crosses on a hypocrite's chest

My life's a whisper - a fading breath


Injected poison running through my veins

It hurts so good and I deserve the pain


You gave your life to save me from death

I can't forgive what I can't forget

Tears On The Wall

(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob, Marti)

I know that look in your eyes

You can't hide behind your smile

You turn away to spare my thoughts

Your heart is what's on trial

Day after day I feel you

Slowly slipping away

Going through the motions, baby

Has always been your way


I know you lie, girl

(He knows you lie, girl)


Who's gonna be lonely

When the day ends it's life

Who's gonna be there

When you're crying late at night

I would have been there

I would have been all

To save these tears on the wall

Sometimes I can stand alone

Tonight is not the time

This heart isn't made of stone

These eyes weren't made to cry

You can leave me lonely, baby

I'll never be alone

I've got my dignity

This man is cold as stone

(Bridge - Chorus)

I've got my dignity

You can't take away my pride

You can tell me that you love me

But baby I know you lie

Bloody Thumbs

(Music: JT, Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob)

Be careful where you go

Be careful of what you hear

Be careful of what you do

Atonement is drawing near


Black as the night

Deep as the sea

A river of blood

Washing over me


Innocence dies

Upon the alter

In place of what you've done

Lower your eyes

Nothing to offer

These men with the bloody thumbs

I Want You

(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob)

No one said it would be easy

No one said it would be good

I never had to take the hard way

And who says I ever should



I Want You

Many nights and dreams ago

I wore my heart out on my sleeve

I prayed to God He'd send you my way

Now I'm praying He'll never let you leave


Take these chains off my back

Take these nights on the run

Take my hand and my whole life with you

Tell me I'm the only one

Vengeance Is Mine (Saith The Lord)

(Music and Lyrics: Rob)

(Lead Vocal: Rob, JT, Grant)

I look at you

You smile at me

You like that you're my


When I see you

I see the beast

I hate to see you

Exist and be

I wrap my hands

Around your neck

No more heartbeat

No more breath

Destroying lives

Without regret

Children bleed

With your consent


Vengeance is mine

Saith the Lord

Give place to wrath

Let me take yours

I'm into your


Divide and conquer

Is your mission

You draw the lines

Stakes have risen


Is all your missin'

Holy Spirit

Devi's breath

One brings life

The other, death

A swarm of demons

Surround your head

I heard you say

That God is dead 



Here is my soul

God, don't let go

You take control

I reap what I sow