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new album available april 2021

Revelation Rain

Revelation Rain is a Hard Rock/Metal band from the Grand Rapids area.

Doing all Originals, Revelation Rain is noted for their high energy performance, unique image, and spectacular stage show.

The message that this band is trying to convey is clear: God is our Creator, and His Son, Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) is our Lord and Savior... and He can be YOURS, too... Just by believing upon His atoning blood. Once you get saved the Holy Spirit moves into your heart, and the changes begin!!

 We want to bring God's Word to the world through music.

In essence: we evangelize with electric guitars and drums!

1 Corinthians 15:1-4

Roxx 100

"Tears On The Wall"

#4 on Roxx 100!

Contact: Vicious Circle Management